Bootion on physical machine


These instructions are out of date.

While most of the development and testing of MOSA is done using virtualization software, MOSA does indeed boot on real hardware too.

Here are detailed instructions for writing MOSA operating system to a USB Drive:

  1. Download the dd utility for Windows.
  2. Extract the dd.exe executable to:
  1. Open a command prompt window and change directory to the build directory.
cd Mosa\Run\build
  1. Connect the USB key you wish to ERASE and install MOSA onto.


Data on the USB drive will be lost!

  1. Determine the device path for the USB key.

Get a list all the block devices on your system by typing the command below. Find the one for the USB Key you just connected. Be careful, if you select or mistype the wrong device, you can corrupt your hard drive or other storage devices. Unless you understand these steps completely, do not proceed.

dd -list

6.Type the following and substitute the of= parameter with the device path found in the previous step.

dd of=\\?\Device\HarddiskX\PartitionX if=bootimage.img bs=512 –progress
  1. Wait until all the blocks are written to the USB key before disconnecting it.
  2. Now boot a PC or laptop with the USB Key connected!